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If there's one thing I almost always spend extra money on to get good quality, it's knitted sweaters. It's a garment I use so incredibly much 8 months of the year and personally I think that cashmere is much nicer on the body than, for example, cashmere. polyester blends are like most budget options are. I also find wool blends to be difficult and so incredibly prickly on the body.

However, if I disregard how it feels on the body, high-quality knitted sweaters would still have won for me as I think they last so incredibly much better. All sweaters, even those of the absolute best quality, get wrinkled in the beginning. But if you remove the first piles with a pile machine or pile comb, I find that the high quality sweaters stay so incredibly nice year after year, while budget sweaters after only a few uses/washes feel a little discolored, like they've lost their fit and just don't are nice longer.

I would much rather have 1-3 really good quality knitted sweaters than 10 of poorer quality. For me, this is a very clear way to invest in your basic wardrobe, and also in your style during the part of the year when it is absolutely the most difficult to dress. So, I've rounded up my 8 favorite jerseys whose price tag might be a bit juicier but which I think are worth every penny.

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Hug, Fanny



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