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If there's one thing I never thought I'd do again, it's write a blog post. Something I did every single day for 12 years, but then stopped "when blogs died". So what do we say, are blogs dead?

I think that the blogs of that time are to some extent dead, the digital diary. That content has moved to simpler formats like Instagram and TikTok. But what I want to do with this blog is something else, something more. I think of myself as an online magazine filled with tips, ideas and inspiration. Quality over quantity. There may not be a new post every single day, but when it does, you can make yourself a good cup of tea and sit down for a quarter of an hour and just cozy up while you read, instead of skimming past something for 3 seconds between reels.

I will share content about Style (outfits, product tips, ideas), Home (decor, flowers, recipes, crafts), Travel (guides, destinations, favorite hotels) as well as some Lifestyle and glimpses of my life.

Are you with me?!



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